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Oasis Grooming

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*Online booking only available for dogs*

We are happy to take extra precautions upon request, please speak with your groomer if you have concerns. We are a small shop and as such we already see a limited number of people a day and often have very little interaction with our human clients beyond the handing off of the leash and payment. Any questionable illnesses with our groomers will cause us to reschedule our appointments until we are better or have received a negative covid test. We encourage you to make use of our curbside pick-up and drop off, just ring the doorbell! There is one outside or in the lobby.


Please reschedule your appointment if your dog is showing signs of illness or insect infestation (fleas, mites, ticks). Coughing or wheezing can be a sign of common respiratory infection that can be highly contagious. If at any point we notice signs of these issues, your dog will be sent home.

Please reschedule your appointment if your dog is in heat or a week before or after her heat cycle. Even the lingering smell of a female in heat can cause other dogs, especially males, to behave erratically and even aggressively. Please, for our safety and the safety of our clients, do not bring in a female in heat. We will do our best to reschedule you quickly. If at any point we discover a female is in heat, she will be sent home.

For everyone's safety please use leashes and do not allow your dog to approach other dogs without checking with the owner or staff. If your dog has issues with other dogs or you just need to borrow a leash, let us know before you bring your dog in and we will help insure a safe transition for everyone. Outside the front door and inside our lobby there will be a door bell to ring if you would like assistance. We are always happy to assist in loading or unloading your pet and we have tools to help you if your dog has difficulty getting in or out of your vehicle.

Please do not drop off earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment unless prearranged with your groomer. - Many of our grooming clients require special attention for various reasons; senior, arthritic, fearful, feline groom, or dog aggressive just to name a few. We schedule our grooms to accommodate each groom individually and for the safety of everyone involved we do not allow early drop off, or late pick up unless prearranged with your groomer for that day.



Our groomers are independent business who are here by appointment so unscheduled late pick up may be billed at our standard hourly rate of 30$ an hour. Please talk to us first!

No- Shows or cancellations less than 24 hours ahead of time will be billed for 50% of the services reserved


Your groomer will give you an approximate pick-up time when you drop your pet off. If you would like to check on your pet, please call/text your groomer, do not show up early "just to see how things are going". Seeing you will cause your pet to become excited and in some cases too unmanageable to continue grooming.


If your pet has any physical or behavioral limitations, we will still want to help you! Please let us know when scheduling your groom. These may include, anxiety, defensive aggression, mobility issues, heart issues, seizures, lumps/moles, arthritic areas, as well as urinary incontinence or bowel syndromes. We will work with you to decide how best to accommodate these limitations but knowing about these issues ahead of time will allow us to set aside the appropriate amount of time and ensure a smoother experience for all concerned. We have a variety of solutions such as separate rooms and entrances, lift assist harnesses, and a custom built tub with an extra wide and shallow ramp.

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