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Grooming Anxiety

At Oasis Grooming, we don't consider a groom well done if the dog is leaving even more stressed out than they when came in. It often takes time to build up trust and confidence with a dog who has had a bad experience or no experience with a groomer. Our groomers focus on training and have a variety of strategies that may work for your dog right away. Sometimes it takes a little more creativity. Because of that, we love an involved owner. We are more than open to adjusting our typical grooming routine to account for your immediate maintenance needs while working towards your long term grooming goals. Give us a call and discuss your specific needs or schedule an in person consultation. We would love to get to know your dog and create a customized training plan to work for you.

Specialized Equipment

In addition to padded supports and harnesses, our custom tub allows us to bath larger, disabled or anxious dogs more comfortably. An extra-wide, extra-long ramp makes for a less challenging entrance that can even serve as a large ramp onto the grooming table when we are done. No hopping required! The tub itself is wide enough for even the largest Saint Bernard to lie down and relax while we get them cleaned up. We also offer the ability to book and extra handler for your grooming service to insure your dog is supported, comfortable, and can be in and out in less time.

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